$upercapitalist Interview on BBC

“A new financial thriller called Supercapitalist has just been released. Set in New York and Hong Kong, it stars Linus Roache.

It is an independently produced picture brought together by Asian-American actor and writer Derek Ting.

It took Ting, who now lives in Hong Kong, six years to get Supercapitalist made.

Talking Movies’ Tom Brook reports.” – BBC

2 Responses to $upercapitalist Interview on BBC

  1. Melanie Harrison

    This looks like a great film – can’t wait to see it! It looks really original and exciting. Great that it is an independently produced film too.

  2. judy on

    Just saw the trailer. This is a new Hong Kong movie making trend. Money!! coz China is the biggest capitalist country in the world right now. So jump on the bandwagon, very Hollywood formula film. Would it be the next “Wall Street” film in Asian version?? China has the reputation of being a copy-cat anyway….it has its audience. Don’t worry about it. It goes where the money goes. The rest is secondary. Isn’t it what this is all about!!

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