Darren E. Scott

Throughout his career Darren’s Eurasian good looks have often been compared to other Eurasian actors all over the world. However over the past few years he has managed to find his own individuality, versatility and acting style that has gained him some recognition.  His upcoming feature films will prove that versatility:  from the slick handsome Hong Kong trader Quentin Wong in “$upercapitalist” to the nasty Rodent Chief in Rza’s “Man With The Iron Fists” to the handsome but complicated Assassin Lei 雷 in his recently completed and first Chinese Film “刺客 Game of Assassins”, his character range continues to grow.  A native of Richmond, BC Canada Darren began studying Karate at the age of eight and received his black belt at the age of 11. He pursued his training through out his high school and college/post college years and became a Canadian National Champion in both forms and point sparring. The 1995 feature film “The Hunted” was his first on set experience where he played a ninja along side the stuntmen. After one year of training in Japan with his masters and the Tenri University Karate Team (also having acquired a fair bit of the Japanese language) his pursuits continued. His extensive acting training has been through the great likes of Jeanne Hartman, Andrew McIlroy, Peter Hanlon & Bill Macdonald.


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