Derek Ting

Derek Ting is the producer, writer, and lead actor of the independent feature film, $upercapitalist.  Derek, has always had a passion for acting, and rediscovered it while taking an acting class while attending Cornell University.  After graduation, Derek lived in New York City for several years and upon experiencing September 11, 2001, he realized life was too short.  It propelled him to start taking steps to become an actor and seriously pursue acting.  Derek joined an informal artist, writer, filmmaker group and helped turn it into the Asian American Film Lab (, a non-profit corporation.  As its first president, Derek produced its first short film competition in conjunction with MTV, now called the 72 Hour Shootout, currently in its eighth year.  During that period, while juggling a corporate career in technology with acting auditions, Derek had a successful run quickly landing national commercials and bit parts on television shows.  Nevertheless, he felt there were too few opportunities for more substantial roles.

Moving to Hong Kong, Derek gave up acting to become a producer at CNN International, but acting had not given up on him.  Local Hong Kong commercial directors approached him to be in their commercials, and Derek soon followed up with a part in “Largo Winch,” an international French production starring Kristin Scott Thomas.  It was at this time Derek realized he should write his own lead acting role which culminated in the making of $upercapitalist.

Derek started writing $upercapitalist six years ago — over a year before the financial crisis.  He felt no one had ever done an English Language financial thriller linking the two financial capitals: Hong Kong and New York.  It was the learning experience of a lifetime where he had the opportunity to work on and see almost every part of the production including writing the script, acting, producing, post production (sound, music, color, editing), sales, and marketing.  He is very excited as a first time filmmaker to have secured distribution and participate in cutting edge new models for indie film distribution.  The film will have a Day & Date release, meaning it is simultaneously available on the same day in theaters, iTunes and Cable VOD reaching 100 Million homes.  This is unprecedented exposure for an independent film.  $upercapitalist is Derek’s debut lead acting role.  Derek hopes through his personal story, he can inspire others to follow their dreams.


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