Richard Ng

Ng has appeared in 80 films to date. He has twice been nominated for the Best Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, for his roles in Winners and Sinners and Beyond the Sunset. He has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hong Kong action cinema including Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau and Jet Li.

His first role was in the 1976 Michael Hui comedy film The Private Eyes. It was the first of many films Ng would appear in with Sammo Hung throughout the next 30 years.

Richard is still very active, having made several appearances on British television, and he is also continuing to work on Hong Kong films.  In 2003 he appeared in the second Tomb Raider film, The Cradle of Life.

Simon Yin knew Richard from previous collaborations and asked him to come in to meet Derek Ting.  Richard Ng, a veteran actor, known more for comedic roles, wowed them with his character insight and dramatic performance.  They knew immediately knew he was right for the role.  Richard immediately recommended Kenneth Tsang to play the role of his brother in the film.  Richard gives a speech in the film that is significant to Hong Kong’s cultural and business values.  At a certain point he goes off script(ad lib) to enhance and emphasize the crux of the $upercapitalist story.


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