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Derrick Fong was born in Winnipeg, Canada but grew up in Toronto, Canada.

At a very young age, Derrick was interested in expressing himself creatively through sketching, painting and photography. His informal education was fueled by a constant supply of movies, music and comic books. Through these mediums, Derrick expanded into graphic design, 3D animation, and visual effects.

But it was in filmmaking that Derrick found he could combine all these traits into a single form. Cinematography was just an extension of photography’s composition and light; storyboards and concept sketches were an extension of traditional hand drawn art; poster art and visual effects were an extension of the digital tools he had acquired.

His education includes: Humber College, where he studied 3D Animation for Broadcast and Design; and Filmmaking at The New York Film Academy in New York City.

After graduating, Derrick worked on two indie feature films, “Suzanne” and “Born From The Foot”, as well as various music videos including one with rap legend, Ice-T.

Other clients in New York include: Ogilvy, VH-1, and Empire Entertainment.

In 2008, Derrick arrived in Hong Kong and joined forces with several fellow North American creatives to form CB FRESH, a sketch comedy group and production team.

Working on commercials and music videos, his recent clients include: Reebok, Nokia, STAR TV, Nomura, Guerlain, LanKwaiFong Group, G.O.D., UA Cinemas,, Education First, Dozo, Josie Ho, Simon Birch, Ryan Hui, 2R, 852 Films, Making Film Productions, Ocean Vista Films, Talent Asia, E.V.E.N.T., and

In addition to screenwriting, clothing design and television production, Derrick also continues to pursue commercial and personal photography.


Hong Kong based award-winning Producer and Editor, Lindsay moved to Hong Kong in 2000 after completing her M.A in Film, Television and Theatre from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She was previously senior producer with Ocean Vista Films in Hong Kong from 2004-2009 where her clients included National Geographic Channel Asia, BBC, AXN and Al Jazeera.

In 2009 she founded the production company Rascal, which provides full above-the-line and below-the-line production services for feature film and broadcast content.

Lindsay is also the co-founder and creative director of the I SHOT HONG KONG Film Festival.



Dan Carew has worked as a life guard, high school history teacher, chef, journalist, seaman, activist, software developer, internet startup advisor, business analyst, senior IT executive for adidas and now IT consultant and filmmaker. Originally from New York and New England, he has spent more than half his life in Asia, including 14 years in Tokyo. He currently lives in Hong Kong with his wife and two babies, on Cheung Chau Island. He owns a Red Epic camera and runs a small boutique digital cinema production company.  His first film was a feature shot on 20 locations in Tokyo, “Indebted,” which he wrote, directed, produced and edited himself (over 3 years). His second film was a short called “Hard Fall” (also self-edited) about the death of a banker in Hong Kong which was nominated for two prizes (“Best Film Under 15 Minutes” at 2009 International Film Festival of South Africa and “Best Foreign Language Film” at Filmmaker’s Festival in Kent, England). He also served as Associate Producer, Chief Technical Consultant and provider of digital cinema production and post-production gear on “Cinderella Moon”, a fairy tale shot in rural Yunnan, China, produced and directed by Richard Bowen (A.S.C.)–which premiered  at the 2010 Toronto Intl Film Festival. Dan is currently working on the script for this next film.

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