Post Production

Simon Yin, Derrick Fong, and Phoebe To constructed the initial edit after principal photography through February of 2011.

Victor Peña was brought on to do the opening and closing title sequences for the film as well as the color grading.  Victor’s role eventually evolved into Post Production Supervisor, where he handled the myriad of post production tasks and oversaw the complicated roles that arose as the film began to grow and expand.

He worked with Derek Ting (producer, writer, and lead actor) to enhance existing scenes and edit new scenes, handle the online editing of the film and co-ordinate with aspects of dialog editing, sound design and scoring, as well as handle the additional graphic sequences, animated content and general “fix-it-in-post” situations.

Ben Robinson was brought on to supervise sound and dialogue and produced the original score for the film.  Dennis Ting, Derek’s brother worked with Ben to write several key songs in the film including the opening credits and the dinner scene.

Ben also participated in the hit song, “Hurricane“, which is a signature song in the film and during the end credits. “Hurricane” was written and performed by the band, operator HK. The band was founded by Victor Peña and Ben Robinson after meeting on the set of a different film project.  The band line up includes Ben Robinson (Guitar & Vocals), Victor Peña (Guitar & Vocals), Marc Greiner (Bass & Percusion), Jon Lee (Drums). Jon Lee is the owner of This Music Studio, where various key audio aspects of $upercapitalist were worked on.

Additional tracks and music were produced by Arho Sunny, DeStorm Power, Ghost Style, Julian Law, and Antoneus Maximus and Chosen.

The track “My City” was written by Ghost Style and produced by Ghost Style and Derek Ting.  The track is performed by Ghost Style, Liz Ho, and Joyce Yung.


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