Derek Ting, writer, producer and lead actor, conceived of $upercapitalist over a year before the Global Financial Crisis (approximately 2006).  The idea was inspired by meeting many bankers and traders in Hong Kong.  He did a lot research and found that very few successful financial thrillers had been produced since Wall Street and Boiler Room, none he could think of done out in Asia.  He spoke to his friend Young Cho, an ex-Citibank Trader who started his own hedge fund at that time, and they worked weekends to construct the story line.  Young started Derek off on key articles and books.  Derek wrote and completed the first draft over a year later in 2008.  Young continued to work with Derek to ensure the authenticity of the financial elements and plot.  When Simon Yin came on board as the director (2010), he added edits and changes to the script.

The name $upercapitalist came when Derek read and was inspired by a New York Magazine article about young khaki wearing hedge fund traders who make “screw you” money busting up companies.

Derek would also like to thank all his friends and the Asian American Film Lab who helped him do script readings and gave feedback.


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